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Time your brakes


To make it to a race track is a big deal and racers would know that it isn’t as easy as it appears. Racing requires countless hours of practice and developing muscle memory with the actions of accuracy required when one is on the racing track. Racers have their every pedal movement, steer and gear shift ingrained in their very systems, which can be attributed to the endless commitment and persistence they have for their practice hours on the track. Whether it is a weekend or a weekday, racers cannot do without hitting the track. The very point of battling on the race track is to be the fastest on the race track, here are a few tips that will help you maximize your performance.

Envision the lengths you want

This is the most important tip to keep in mind when you are on the track. The trick is to drive at what is two times the length of your vehicle. Talk to your brain and your mind about what distance you’d like to see yourself at and the arms will coordinate automatically. Although this is a bizarre thing to do, it works at magical levels when done with ample practice.


Understand your track

Your track is the canvas of the painting you want to make for yourself. You will be able to navigate so much better than your capacities just by knowing the track in and out. If you have the option to get out on track and do a few laps, there would be nothing like it as this practice can really help you gauge the curves and distances of the track, as well as get an understanding of the elevations on it.

Time your brakes

Being on the race track is different from driving on main roads. Most tracks have markers that notify you of when to start braking. However, it is good to practice your braking styles without relying on help from markers on tracks. The simple tip is to not let off for a long time before you actually begin to brake.

Don’t forget to go smooth

go smooth

You are going to be at very high speeds when you are on the race track and there will be times that you might have to break gently or hard. The key point to make note of is to always try and be smooth with your motion while driving. Smooth in the driving world translates to fast, which is why focusing on the balance of the car while maintaining the high speed is super important.

Position at 3 and 9

The traditional rule is to always hold the steering at the position 10 and 5. However, on the racing track you would rather keep it 3 and 9 as these positions allow for smooth driving with balance. The biggest advantage of this steering position is that enables the driver to make steep turns with great control, even while cruising at high speeds.